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Kickboxnig sparring session
Kickboxing sparring

White Lotus Martial Arts & Fitness

What you will learn


Your training will focus on Kickboxing alongside many Gracie Jujitsu techniques.  You will learn self defence techniques, throws and breakfalls, pressure points (atemi), control and restrainst techniques, mma, sparring, katas and weapons training. On top of that you will learn how to build fitness levels and maintain stamina.

Seminars 2012
Seminars August 2012

Why Choose White Lotus


* WE ARE AN OPEN AND FRIENDLY CLUB, dedicated to making training available to all. Our instructors are skilled at integrating individual training plans into group session so that nobody is left out. We train as a team, supporting one another all the way!
* Flexible payment options
* Family discount
* Matted training area available
* Regular tournaments and gradings
* Free T-Shirt when you join.

Club courses 2012
Clubs courses 2012

White Lotus Fitness


Here at White Lotus we understand that fitness plays a key role in maintaining high standards in training. Fitness is also a brilliant way to boost well-being, socialise and stay healthy and active, whatever your age or ability. That’s why we offer classes tailored to suit everyone! CLICK HERE to see a list of our fitness classes including Zumba, Stretch and Tone and Tabata Fitness.

Leanne Merry Instructor
Leanne Merry Instructor

Not enough? be an instructor!

Specifically designed training programme

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, either on a full time or part time basis, we have a training programme designed specifically for this. Please ask any of the Instructors for more information.