White Lotus Martial Arts

Essential Information




* Adult and child prices are £6 per hour/ £7 per 1.5 hours and £8 per 2 hours.
* Family prices are £15 per day
* For information on discounts and payment options (including direct debit) please CONTACT US


* All classes are £5 per session
* Tai Chi/Stretch, Tone and Balance: As these classes run consecutively there is a discount of £6 for the 2 classes
* Zumba: Classes can be accessed via Forest of Dean College courses but also run pay as you go outside of term times. Please contact Michelle for more details
* Some SEN classes are open to all (indicated on timetable)


ALL Kickboxing students must have a license to practice, given by a White Lotus Senior Instructor, or above. A license form will be given to you on your second session, which can be handed in to any Instructor when completed. License forms contain details of membership fees which are £35 per year (£15 annual renewal). This covers your license and also member insurance which is required to continue practicing Martial Arts. You will also receive a FREE White Lotus t-shirt and syllabus book with your membership.


New students aren’t required to invest in uniform and equipment straight away, but are advised to as soon as possible. In the meantime it is advisable to wear loose, comfortable clothing such as jogging bottoms or shorts and a t-shirt. Students are encouraged to invest in White Lotus uniform for training as well as use in tournaments and events. A uniform helps to maintain the team spirit which encourages us to support one another.

As you continue in your Kickboxing training you will need basic equipment which includes Boxing Gloves, Mouth Guard, Shin and Foot Pads and a groin guard for males. Spot pads are also advised for practice at home as well as in class. A Uniform/Equipment request form can be obtained from your instructor at the end of session. You can also request a tournament checklist for a comprehensive list of what is required at tournaments and events.


Grading is optional to our club. We have club attire which we encourage members to wear but it is not enforced unless there are gradings or competitions. The cost of each colour belt grading is listed below.

Grade Requirements Cost
White belt Uniform and minimum 6 lessons £20.00
Yellow belt Minimum 3 months continuous training from white belt grading £20.00
Orange belt Minimum 3 months continuous training from yellow belt grading £20.00
Green belt Minimum 3 months continuous training from orange belt grading £30.00
Blue belt Minimum 6 months continuous training from green belt grading £30.00
Purple belt Minimum 3 months continuous training from blue belt grading £30.00
Brown belt Minimum 6 months continuous training from purple belt grading £40.00
2nd Brown Minimum 3 months continuous training from brown belt grading £40.00
3rd Brown Minimum 3 months continuous training from 2nd brown belt grading £40.00
Black * 6 months continuous training from 3rd brown, by invitation only £80.00

* Black Belt Grading Guidance