White Lotus Martial Arts


“White Lotus provide students of all ages with a high level of instruction and show a genuine interest in all of their students’ developments. Excellent Club!„
Paul Gundry

“Our son Josh has been doing kickboxing for just over two years now. During this time his confidence has grown inside and outside of the club. Michelle and the other instructors incorporate a good balance of fun, discipline and fitness into each lesson. Josh is becoming an accomplished martial artist with an ever increasing belief in his own ability. We are grateful for the knowledge, patience and dedication of all club members, instructors and students alike„
Paul and Karen Smith

“I started kickboxing again after a long time off and all of the instructors were really good and helpful to me getting back into it. The instructors are really good and helpful especially to the young ones who are well looked after„
Karl and Sam Worthington

“I think it’s really good because when I started everyone was good to me and they all helped me a lot, also the instructions were detailed and clear so that I could follow them easily„
Connor Hodge

“They are a good club, Michelle is an excellent coach and the kids enjoy coming every week„
The Wilkes Family

“Through kickboxing my kids have grown in confidence, they have learned more discipline and interact with younger and older people. Both are eager and happy to come„
Andrea Neocleous

“Kickboxing has changed his life, it has given Alfie so many different skills and confidence. It has become the point of ’all ’ of our lives and thank you for instructing them and for giving them dedication and commitment. We as parents also enjoy the social side and friendliness„
Lyndsey, Darren and Alfie

“At times it ’s hard ’cos Michelle works us hard but I always know its for our own good. Thanks xxx:D„

“We love coming to Michelle ’s kickboxing classes as she is a good teacher and very understanding, and a warm person. We have always felt welcome and all the other people who work with her are great too. Thank you Michelle, you are great„
Donna, Lauren and Leah

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